Monday, June 30, 2014

My First Level 50!!


That's right, Cassy finally made it to 50 on about Wednesday I think. Just knocking off the quests in Western Grimvault got her there. And here she is:

Cassybrit at 50
Then, she immediately went to Crimson Badlands to do the dailies there. I was pleasantly surprised. They were more fun, and slightly easier than I expected them to be. I look forward to doing them every day, and every day on each 50 when I have more. Cassy also finished up some more quests around Grimvault to get even more Elder Gems. She won't cap this week, but will next week, hopefully. She's also up to about 4p80g now.

I'll be using this guide for what to do at 50:

Level 50 Guide

Well, I had 5 Dominion, and all Crafts covered except Tailoring. So, I decided to make a Tailor. Meet Slingerbrit, another Cassian Spellslinger:


I just love Spellslingers, so on the Dominion side I'm now full, with 3 Spellslingers, 2 Engineers, and 1 Esper. I took Survivalist to pair with the Tailoring, and got Slinger to 14, so she could start harvesting wood on the Thicket plot.

What else I did was get Meccy to level 20. That's so she could upgrade to the Tier 2 Thicket. She's still only get Ironbark Wood though, which is a bit annoying. I'm asking about this on the Wildstar forums. She's got the most gold out of any of my toons at level 14 because of just vendoring the wood. She's got about 20g, whereas my toons usually have less than 10g at this point. The leather and meat will just go to Meccy for Outfitting and Cassy for when I decide to level up Cooking.

I also got Teccy to 14 so she could get a Relic plot and Garden plot for fun Technologist materials.

Dominion on Thunderfoot:

Cassybrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 50
Bags: 13/13/13/13 Crafts: Mining Tier 5 Relic Hunting Tier 5
Esperbrit (Cassian/Esper/Settler) Level 20
Bags: 10/8/7/7 Crafts: Mining Tier 4 Architecture Tier 4
Meccybrit (Mechari/Engineer/Soldier) Level 20
Bags: 10/9/8/7 Crafts: Suvivalist Tier 3 Outfitter Tier 2

Chewwybrit (Chua/Engineer/Explorer) Level 10
Bags: 10/6/4/3 Crafts: Weaponsmith Tier 3 Armorsmith Tier 2

Teccybrit (Draken/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 14
Bags: 10/6/5/4 Crafts: Relic Hunting Tier 2 Technolgist Tier 2
Slingerbrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 14
Bags: 10/6/5/5 Crafts: Survivalist Tier 3 Tailoring Tier 1

Exiles on Avatus:

Bunnybrit (Aurin/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 2
Bags: 10/0/0/0 Crafts: N/A

The plan for next week is to get Chewwy to 14 (just so he/she can log off immediately :)) and do dailies and grind Elder Gems on Cassy. I will probably work on leveling Meccy further, so that I can at least start getting Ancient Wood from regular play.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Almost There!


Yep, Cassy is almost level 50. Level 47 in fact and so close to level 48. She did tons of Malgrave before going to Grimvault and is now questing there. Most of my play this week has been on Cassy, and I'm pretty sure she'll make it to level 50 next week. While questing, she was able to amass a lot of gold, and I put in a buy order for CREDD at 3p when the top sell order was 3p40g. It was filled the next day, so I'm now good to go until Sep 1st.

Cassy was also adding to her house, which I will show you here:


Outside Brit Abode
There's a hammock between my Mineral Plot and Garden with an overgrown cactus behind it. There's a Sentinel by the entrance to the house.


Inside right
There's a bedside lamp by the bed and a huge ocular eye. A screen shields the bed from the sitting area, and there's a lamp and some coins on the table.

Inside left
There's a stuff bookshelf and a dart on the wall. Also a table and some crates with some plush pillows in the corner and a keg to the right of it.

I don't know how to make walls and everything because I've been so focused on getting Cassy to 50 and making gold. Once she's 50, I'll try to work on the house a bit more.

In other news, there were reports that Technologists could make a good bit of gold, so I started one:

A Draken Spellslinger. I got her to level 10 fairly quickly. But the next day, they nerfed Technologists, so the money making wasn't there any more. Oh well, I planned on doing all Tradeskills, so no harm done. Only Tailoring to go now.

I also worked on getting Esper's Tech Tree filled out so that she could make Tier 2 Fabkits. So she made a Tier 2 Mineral Plot for Cassy, and one for herself, and made a Thicket one for Meccy. However, you can't use Tier 2 Kits until level 20, so I did spend some time getting Esper to 20 this week.

Dominion on Thunderfoot:

Cassybrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 47
Bags: 13/13/12/11 Crafts: Mining Tier 5 Relic Hunting Tier 5
Esperbrit (Cassian/Esper/Settler) Level 20
Bags: 10/8/7/7 Crafts: Mining Tier 3 Architecture Tier 3
Meccybrit (Mechari/Engineer/Soldier) Level 14
Bags: 10/8/6/4 Crafts: Suvivalist Tier 3 Outfitter Tier 2

Chewwybrit (Chua/Engineer/Explorer) Level 10
Bags: 10/6/4/3 Crafts: Weaponsmith Tier 3 Armorsmith Tier 3

Teccybrit (Draken/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 10
Bags: 10/6/5/4 Crafts: Relic Hunring Tier 1 Technolgist Tier 1

Exiles on Avatus:

Bunnybrit (Aurin/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 2
Bags: 10/0/0/0 Crafts: N/A

The plan for next week is to get Cassy to 50, and then see what gearing up is like and what money making is like at 50. Then she may work on being a scientist a bit, having totally ignored it all this time. I also wan to get Meccy to 20 for the Tier 2 Thicket, and I could really do with getting Chewwy and Teccy to 14 so they can get houses.


Monday, June 16, 2014

It's All About the CREDD Baby!


Yes indeed. CREDD went live last Tuesday, and I couldn't to wait to see what price it was. I had about 2p90g and was wondering if I could get a CREDD for that. Well, indeed I could. CREDD was 2p50g and that came out to 2p65g after taxes. Yay! All payed up through Aug 2nd now. I'm well on my way to my 2nd CREDD too, sitting at 2p1g. The current low Sell on Thunderfoot is 2p44g, so I'm almost there.

Well, my money making was cut back a bit, because of all the Architect nerfs last week. They took all profitability from crafting stuff with Iron and Titanium, so I had to look for other alternatives. I saw that Weaponsmithing looked good for Iron Ore, so I immediately made:

Chewwybrit, a Chua Engineer with Exploration. I got it (him/her??) to level 10 fairly quickly, and decided to go with Weaponsmithing and Armorsmithing, freeing up my other two slots for Tailoring and Technologist.

Well, Weaponsmithing wasn't good for making gold. I was not taking into account the high price of power cores that you need from a vendor. So, you're spending about 16s on the mats, and then 6 ore, and the weapon vendors for 26s. So, it works out about 1s33 for each ore. That's barely above vendor cost. Oh well, at least money's not that important now that I've already got a CREDD.

Most of the play time was on Cassy. She had a tough time at the start of Farside (Bio Drome 3), but it gradually got easier, and she finished off Bio Drome 4 and the other part of Faraside now problem. Wilderun wasn't an issue at all. Maybe I've just improved my play since Dio Drome 3 :)

Of course, along the way, Cassy picked up odds and ends for her house. Just used whatever dropped and haven't bothered spending any money on it. Here's the outside view:

Outside Brit Abode

There's some fencing, a cloths line, some overgrowth, a spindly plant, a metal platform, and a Container. I'll show you how the inside's coming along next week.

The other thing that Cassy did was get her AMPs sorted out. I really hadn't looked to see what the best Tier 2 were, and settled on needing Deadly Chain. I saw that 8000 Deadrune Watch rep was needed to purchase it, so Cassy spent one evening in Deadrune knocking that out, as she had quested in Ellevar previously.

One thing I really like doing is using the Plots on the Houses as often as possible. Both Cassy and Esper have Mining Plots, and Meccy has a Thicket plot. The Mining plots are used to feed Chewwy's Tradeskills.

One other thing. Thunderfoot was down for an hour on Sunday. So, I started up my band of Exiles on Avatus. Bunnybrit was born (sorry about the pic, but she really hasn't got any gear yet:).

Here's the current state of play:

Dominion on Thunderfoot:

Cassybrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 39
Bags: 13/11/11/10 Crafts: Mining Tier 5 Relic Hunting Tier 5

Esperbrit (Cassian/Esper/Settler) Level 14
Bags: 10/8/7/6 Crafts: Mining Tier 3 Architecture Tier 
Meccybrit (Mechari/Engineer/Soldier) Level 14
Bags: 10/8/6/4 Crafts: Suvivalist Tier 3 Outfitter Tier 2

Chewwybrit (Chua/Engineer/Explorer) Level 10
Bags: 10/6/4/3 Crafts: Weaponsmith Tier 1 Armorsmith Tier 1

Exiles on Avatus:

Bunnybrit (Aurin/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 1
Bags: 0 Crafts: N/A

The plans for next week are to get Cassy to higher levels and hopefully buy another CREDD. Also, to finally get Esper and Meccy off their butts and out into the world, a leveling them higher. I don't know if I'll play Exiles at all, but we'll see.


Monday, June 9, 2014

And Then There Were Three.


That's right. Three characters. I was going strong on Cassy, and selling Iron Chunks and Titanium chunks on the CX, when I saw online, that you could make more money off them with Architecture. So, to switch out Relic Hunter, or make a new character? Make a new character it was:

And thus, Esperbrit was born. She's Mining/Architecture. So, let me tell you how to make the most money off Iron and Titanium. For Iron Chunks, it's crafting Metal Platform. This is a variation of Metal Plank (using 3 chunks), and has 99% success using 3 Iron Screws. It vendors for 16s64c. The 3 Iron Screws are 30c. For Titanium, it's crafting Silver Key (3 chunks). Vendors for 29s44c.

So, I got Esper to 10, and then got the crafting. But then decided I wanted to have a house for her, with a Mining Plot, so took her to level 14. I did the Crimson Isles -> Deradune route with her for a change of pace. Didn't like it as much as the Lvian Bay -> Ellevar route.

I also made her a Settler, and decided to do all the settler stuff in each zone.

Well, I wanted to get the Tier 2 Mining Plot at the House (both Cassy and Esper) so I looked up how to get it. Very deep in the Tier 2 Architect tech tree. Looking at it. I also need lots of wood for things in the tech path. So, I need a Survivalist. So, I made a new character:

An Engineer with the Soldier Path. Again, I got her to level 10 pretty quickly, and picked up Survivalist and Outfitter. Have only just started getting the wood in Ellevar now.

Meanwhile, Cassy was busy leveling, finishing up Auroria, and getting into Whitevale. She completed Whitelvale, and then, at level 29, headed for Farside. Wow, that wasn't expected. Really tough in Biodrome 3. Died quite a lot, but got used to having to use a very skilful approach and lots of jumping and dodging with each mob. She made it to level 31.

Something else Cassy did was try a couple of dungeons. Wow, that was a shock too. So tough. Never got to kill the first boss in either. It was usually because of the tank dying, so I think I did OK, but I'm not prepared to waste my time not making any money like that. Rather than do that, she just quests, and ports to the house to mine the mining plot every hour or so.

Here's her little spaceship house. I'm becoming rather fond of doing up the house, and will start to use a lot of decor items my Architect makes here, and will feature pictures of the house in most blog posts.

Brit Abode

Speaking of money, things are going really well. With all the Iron Chunks and Titanium brings in tons of gold, and selling decor and AMPs on the CX, Cassy is now sitting at about 2p80g.

Here's how the Characters are doing now:

Cassybrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 31
Bags: 11/10/8/8 Crafts: Mining Tier 4 Relic Hunting Tier 4

Esperbrit (Cassian/Esper/Settler) Level 14
Bags: 10/8/6/6 Crafts: Mining Tier 2 Architecture Tier 3

Meccybrit (Mechari/Engineer/Soldier) Level 10
Bags: 6/4/3/2 Crafts: Suvivalist Tier 1 Outfitter Tier 1

The plan for next week is to continue leveling Cassy and making lots of gold. CREDD is not available yet, but I want to be ready when it is.

This game is really awesome, Cupcake, and I can see myself playing it for a long time to come.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Headstart is Here!


Well, Headstart is finally here. I didn't sleep well on Friday night, and woke up about 4:15am eager to play. I created Cassybrit, a Cassian Spellslinger with the Scientist path on the server Thunderfoot (wanted something not too populated). I played around in the character creator for a bit and came up with this:

Cassybrit at level 19
Isn't she cute :)

Anyway, I was very familiar with the Ship, and opening zone on the planet from Beta, so I sped through those and got to level 6 very quickly. I made sure to do the Scientist stuff on the ship, but then totally ignored it, because the focus is leveling, leveling, leveling.

At level 10, she got here professions, and chose Mining and Relic Hunting for selling on the CX. You see, the focus is making gold. About that level also, she was in uncharted territory, and things slowed down quite a bit.

I was excited to get her to level 14, and get to Ilium. Was I in for a surprise though. The lag was really bad, and I kept getting frozen every couple of minutes. It was out of Memory errors, or addressing bad Memory. Yuck. But, I struggled through the tour, got my Rocket House set up and started in the new zone.

It's all going pretty well now, questing in that zone (I don't even know the name of it LOL), and making good progress. Mining is now at Tier 3 with tons of Iron and Titanium gathered. Relic Hunting is almost at Tierr 3. So, Cassy made level 19 this morning. I can't wait to get to 20 and then maybe try a dungeon.

Gold acquiring is going pretty well. She got up to about 26g, but then bought a mount, and now is back up to about 20g. There are no CREDD for sale right now, and I put a buy order in for 3g (when the highest was 2g something). Now the highest buy is 13g and no sell orders yet. I have no idea what price they will finally go for.

I will list my characters here with some info about them. It was be more relevant once I start more characters.

Cassybritt (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 19 
Bags: 7/7/6/8 Crafts: Mining ?? Relic Hunting??

The plan for next week is to get to 20, do some dungeons, continue to level and explore and sell stuff on the CX. I wonder how high I can get this week?