Monday, September 1, 2014

A TERA-fying Incident!


Well, there was a thread on the forums about the State of Game. Some people chimed in that they'd given up on it and started playing TERA. I'd never heard of it, so I decided to look into it. Well, comments were that it was very grinding leveling with quests. Awesome, right in my wheelhouse. So, I decided to try it out. I made Elfybrit, a High Elf Archer.


Isn't she gorgeus :) Anyway, I had a hard time figuring out the mechanics, but got her to level 7. I think I'll keep TERA as a sideline for if Wildstar folds or something.

In WIldstar news, Meccy made it to 30. Yay! As with the others, finishing up Whitevale and just a couple of Farside quests did it. She now has a Tier 3 Mineral plot.

Cassy did the CB and NW dailies again, and managed to get a nice purple Chest drop. I can't link a view of it, but at least you can see it's purple. She also put a big for Trigger Fingers AMP and got it for 12g, but needs to unlock 4 more AMP points to use it.

Oh, the other big news is that Technologists will need one item from each crafting prof for some cool stuff in the next big drop. So, Cassy dropped Mining for Outfitter. Zooming through it, she's got to Journeyman already, and will be Expert soon. She also made adjustments to her house, closing off the bedroom with Cassian Walls and Pillars, and adding a couple of plushies to the bed.

Cassy's House
After Meccy made it 30, I started on Teccy and Slinger again. They are leveling in Tandem. Slinger does some stuff, then Teccy repeats it. They are both finished with Bio Dome 3 and are now heading to Bio Dome 4.

Dominion on Thunderfoot:

Cassybrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 50
Bags: 15/14/14/13 Crafts: Survivalist Tier 5 Outfitter Tier 3
Esperbrit (Cassian/Esper/Settler) Level 26
Bags: 10/9/9/8 Crafts: Survivalist Tier 4 Architecture Tier 5
Meccybrit (Mechari/Engineer/Soldier) Level 30 
Bags: 10/10/10/9 Crafts: Mining Tier 5 Armorer Tier 4

Chewwybrit (Chua/Engineer/Explorer) Level 20
Bags: 10/8/7/7 Crafts: Mining Tier 4
Weaponsmith Tier 5
Teccybrit (Draken/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 31
Bags: 11/11/10/10 Crafts: Relic Hunting Tier 5 Technologist Tier 5
Slingerbrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 31
Bags: 11/10/10/9 Crafts: Survivalist Tier 5 Tailoring Tier 4

Exiles on Avatus:

Bunnybrit (Aurin/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 3
Bags: 10/0/0/0 Crafts: N/A

Dominion on Evindra:

Cassybrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 24
Bags: 10/10/9/8 Crafts: Relic Hunting Tier 4 Technologist Tier 3 
Drakkybrit (Draken/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 14
Bags: 10/8/6/5 Crafts: Survivalist 3 Architecture 1
Tailorbrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 15
Bags: 10/8/7/6 Crafts: Mining 2 Tailoring 1

For Thunderfoot Dominion, I'm 188/300
For Avatus Exile, I'm 3/300
For Evindra Dominion. I'm 53/300

The plan for next week is to continue doing dailies on Cassy, and level Teccy and Slinger. I will also be dabbling in TERA. Maybe I need to change the name of the blog to something more generic about gaming. I've had separate blogs for WoW, GW2, and now Wildstar. I really think I need one blog that can flit between games, like Missy's blog.


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  1. Hmm I commented but it didn't show up :/
    Well, I tried Tera a bit, I did like how it played but as I played healers the leveling up became to grindy and slow for me. But I'm sure it would be totally different story if I chose a damage dealer :D
    Starting to get the Wildstar cravings now, but I doubt things have changed yet.