Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting Ready for Megaservers!


Warning. This is a long post, as I delve into what I'm doing to get ready for Megaservers, and touch on TERA and Civ5.

So, I was concerned that we were only allowed 12 characters in Megaservers. I already had 6 Dominion on Thunderfoot, 3 more on Evindra, and planned on 6 Exile on Avatus. Yikes. Anyway, they clarified that any characters you have will be carried over, but you won't be able to create more until < 12. Well, as I'm going to be over 12, I might as well go the whole hog, and I took it to 24!




So, that's 12 Exiles, and 12 Dominion. When we get to Megaservers, I'll have a few name collisions, and I'm really thinking of keeping them distinct by servers by having a server centric last name. Something like Thunder, Storm, Avat, Vindra.

OK, what did I get up to? Cassy continued doing the dailies and got to about 1265 EPs. Grrr. Just 15 short of being able to get 4 AMP unlocks to use Trigger Fingers. Roll on Tuesday. Cassy also got to Expert Outfitter and started doing the daily for Eldan Fragments, and some daily crafting for vouchers. I also decided it was time to buy another CREDD. I put a bid just above other ones, and got one for 6p60g. Here's my CREDD history:


It doesn't show the first one I ever bought, for 2p50g.

I also leveled Teccy and Slinger a bit, but then realized that Chewwy was standing out as the only one not to have completed Auroria so far. So I started leveling Chewwy a bit.

Then I realized. I've got all these characters now, why don't I play them a bit. So, I decided to level up my Exiles on Avatus. I got Bunny to 14 thru Celestion, and got Tasty up to level 7, thru Northern Wilds, and now in Algaroc. The idea is to see which route I like best, and use it for all my other Exiles. Here's Tasty. You do agree she's pretty tasty, right?


Cassybrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 50
Bags: 15/14/14/14 Crafts: Survivalist Tier 5 Outfitter Tier 5
Esperbrit (Cassian/Esper/Settler) Level 26
Bags: 10/9/9/8 Crafts: Survivalist Tier 4 Architecture Tier 5
Meccybrit (Mechari/Engineer/Soldier) Level 30 
Bags: 10/10/10/9 Crafts: Mining Tier 5 Armorer Tier 5

Chewwybrit (Chua/Engineer/Explorer) Level 21
Bags: 10/8/7/7 Crafts: Mining Tier 4
Weaponsmith Tier 5
Teccybrit (Draken/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 32
Bags: 12/12/12/11 Crafts: Relic Hunting Tier 5 Technologist Tier 5
Slingerbrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 32
Bags: 12/12/12/11 Crafts: Survivalist Tier 5 Tailoring Tier 4

Exiles on Avatus:

Bunnybrit (Aurin/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 14
Bags: 10/6/5/5 Crafts: Mining Tier 2 Weaponsmith Tier 1

Tastybrit (Human/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 7
Bags: 10/6/4/4 Crafts: None yet
Mordybrit (Mordesh/Engineer/Scientist) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet
Aurdybrit (Aurin/Esper/Settler) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet

Grannybrit (Granok/Engineer/Scientist) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet
Spellbrit (Human/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet

Dominion on Evindra:

Cassybrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 24
Bags: 10/10/9/8 Crafts: Relic Hunting Tier 4 Technologist Tier 3 
Drakkybrit (Draken/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 14
Bags: 10/8/6/5 Crafts: Survivalist 3 Architecture 1
Tailorbrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 15
Bags: 10/8/7/6 Crafts: Mining 2 Tailoring 1
Robotbrit (Mechari/Engineer/Scientist) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet

Settlerbrit (Cassian/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet
Esperbrit (Cassian/Esper/Scientist) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet

Exiles on Stormtalon:

Slingerbrit (Aurin/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet

Earthybrit (Human/Spellslinger/Scientist) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet
Mordybrit (Mordesh/Spellslinger/Settler) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet

Grannybrit (Granok/Engineer/Scientist) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet

Blondybrit (Human/Engineer/Settler) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet
Superbrit (Aurin/Esper/Settler) Level 1
Bags: None yet Crafts: None yet

For Thunderfoot Dominion, I'm 191/300
For Avatus Exile, I'm 25/300
For Evindra Dominion. I'm 56/300
For Avatus Exile, I'm 6/300

The plan for next week is to get Cassy to 1280 EPs and use Trigger Fingers, level my Exiles, and maybe level my Thunderfoot characters a bit more. I might not be playing much though, because I go in for knee surgery on Wednesday.


I played a bit, and got Elfybrit to level 10. She's a bit more covered up now :) :



In my current game, I'm playing as Assyria. I play on Continents, and only play on Warlord difficulty. I have got about 12 cities now, have wiped out both India and Brazil, and am currently taking on Russia in the North West of the map. Once I've done that, I will wipe out Egypt and then take over the whole continent, before going for the other one:

That's it for this week folks. I told you it would be long :)



  1. So many characters :) I can't wait till we get a last name, will make my Miss Something make more sense.
    I just resubbed back to Wildstar, and got a huge shock when entering Illum as I saw no one there. Was really weird. I hope this picks up again in the server merges.

    1. Yeah, population is pretty low on some servers. It will definitely pick up a bit once the merge happens, as well all be playing together (by Region and server type, that it).